The Sex Addict

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So I was against the online dating until I came across this amazing guy. He seemed so perfect everything was great, he was smart, successful, so sweet and nice. We have our first date seemed all good. second date we start kissing and he says he doesn’t sleep with a girl until he really likes her (i thought that was kind of nice).   3rd date hang out is with a bunch of friends in a group drinking at a club, we all had a great time, I woke up the next morning after drinking too much in his bed. He looks at me, says good morning and asks ‘do you mind if I touch myself’ … I was shocked, didn’t know how to respond so I awkwardly answered ‘ok’?… After he finished wanking his GIANT cock..  (all i can do is stare at him in shock)… he leans over and says ‘thank you’ i was like WTF… he also whispers in my ear….. I am really really into anal ………at that point.. i am like dude get me the fuck out of here!!!!!!!!!

I realized why he doesn’t sleep with chicks until he really likes them… so by the time they find out what a sex freak he is its too late they already into him…

After that I cancelled my online dating subscription

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3 Comments on “The Sex Addict

  1. A guy who masturbates and is into anal is a “sex freak”, now? Wow, don’t ever ask me what I’m into, I’m afraid of the label you’d have for me… On a related note, there are plenty of “meat & potatoes” kind of guys out there who will expertly screw you in the same position once a week for the rest of your life, if boring is what you’re into. No offense meant, but he asked you if you minded and, as the lying hypocrite you are, you told him you were ok with it, when you were obviously not ok with any of it, and he’s the “sex freak” bad guy? All I see is an honest open minded guy who cared enough to ask and bothered enough to tell, before things got too far, you should be thankful for that, not posting your anecdote on the web, implying he’s a “sex addict” for masturbating in front of you, with your consent, or being into anal.

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